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Level 2 - Proactive Advocacy Plan

Who Is It For:

This level of service is designed for people with routine or low-urgency healthcare needs.

Proactively establishing a relationship with an advocate, when things are calm and your healthcare is routine, can prove beneficial if (or when) a more serious or complex health situation arises.

Experienced advocates serve as a sounding board for questions or concerns that may arise and can help guide you through options or point you to valuable resources and referrals. You will likely receive faster and more efficient healthcare if/when you encounter a bump in the road.

Trying to recall a long list of medications or every detail of your past medical history, when the unexpected arises and your not at your best, can be difficult. Your advocate will be able to communicate accurate and well organized information to providers when it's needed most and this is likely to help you achieve faster diagnoses and treatment.

These services are best for, but not limited to people who:

  • need some guidance and direction, but not intensive support and oversight. 
  • are working w/ multiple specialists and are seeking continuity of care
  • need assistance establishing a relationship or communicating with a physician or specialist
  • would like to be more prepared for a serious or emergent healthcare situation
  • are caregivers who want to feel supported and more confident in making decisions for their loved one
  • would like to learn how to optimize their health 
  • are health conscious and proactive in their healthcare
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  • Peace of mind knowing you have an experienced healthcare navigator available to you at a moment's notice.
  • An uncluttered path to faster healthcare decisions
  • Easier and faster communication among family and healthcare providers
  • Organized and easy to share health records leading to more accurate diagnoses and faster treatment
  • Confidence in ability to handle healthcare situations and make important decisions

What's Included:

  • Basic intake assessment - health history and medication inventory
  • Routine/low-urgency communication and care coordination with primary care providers and specialists
  • Outpatient medical appointment attendance
  • Administrative coordination: sending, receiving, filing forms, authorizations, and letters
  • Obtain and review existing advanced directives
  • Routine/low-urgency decision support
  • General resource and referral guidance
  • General health education
  • Preventative health and wellness planning
  • Two phone or video consultations up to 30 minutes each or one 30 minute in-person consultation upon request
  • Up to 30 minutes of email or text communication per week. 

Professional Fees:

Month to Month = First month is $1325 then $640 per month ongoing
3 month commitment =  FIrst month is $1300 then $590 per month x 2 months
6 month commitment = First month is $1275 then $560 per month x 5 months
Learn more about patient advocacy professional service fees.

Senior cancer patient with North Scottsdale registered nurse healthcare or medical advocate

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