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Peace Of Mind

Prepare for the unexpected

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Peace Of Mind Profile™ 

Prepare for the unexpected, before a crisis occurs. Meet with a Vital Link advocate who will gather key health information and create a client profile to be kept on hand should urgent or complex care and patient advocacy services become necessary at a later date. Having a relationship already established with Vital Link RN Healthcare Advocates will allow us to quickly respond and provide the background information and medical history that your treating medical team will find helpful.

Trying to recall important health information and chronology during a time of crisis can be quite difficult, and missing or inaccurate medical history along with miscommunication can increase your chance of experiencing a medical error or misdiagnosis. Ensuring providers have quick access to key data facilitates more efficient care, better clinical decision making, and more accurate diagnoses. Having a Peace Of Mind Profile established will allow us to most effectively assist should you develop a health concern, require an emergency room visit, or hospitalization.

While this forethought will benefit a person at any age or stage in life, it is particularly helpful for senior adults. It is also an excellent option for college students, providing parents or guardians with peace of mind knowing an experienced advocate will be there to support their young adult should an unexpected medical issue or accident occur while away from home with no family immediately available.

Program Includes:

  • 1- in-person* consultation at a location of your choice (up to 90 minutes)
  • Gathering & organizing important healthcare-related information and key contacts
  • Basic medical history assessment & medication list review
  • Creation of a Peace of Mind profile
  • Unlimited profile updates for the first year
  • 1- mid-year video or phone consultation (up to 30 minutes)

    * Due to Covid-19 recommendations and precautions, you may choose a video conference or phone call in lieu of in-person consultations. 


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***Private advocacy services are currently not covered by any insurance.***

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