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You can make it, but it's easier if

You don't have to do it alone.

--Betty Ford

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Empowered Patient Program™

This program is for those who desire comprehensive professional healthcare advocacy services. It involves the implementation and evaluation of your personalized action plan developed during the Smart Start Initial Assessment.™ It is ideal for anyone with an undiagnosed, recently diagnosed or chronic medical condition. It is particularly helpful for patients and/or caregivers who may be having a tough time finding solutions to their health concerns or feel overwhelmed trying to obtain, manage, or coordinate care.

Professional healthcare advocacy services significantly benefit people who are feeling lost, powerless, anxious, fearful, exhausted, frustrated, or uncertain in today's healthcare environment. Learn more about your condition, discuss provider recommended diagnostic and treatment options, or prescribed plan of care. Receive assistance in the discovery of options, alternatives, or 2nd opinions.

Gain access to valuable resources and referrals, learn to effectively communicate with your providers, get organized, and efficiently utilize appointment times. Learn when and how to speak up, improve continuity of care, and learn how to better advocate for yourself or a loved one. Reduce your fear, gain a sense of confidence and calm, learn how to reduce the risk of medical errors and maximize your outcomes and quality of life.

3-Month Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive collection and analysis of medical records
  • Creation of a health summary document containing key medical information to share with providers and family members
  • Care coordination and communication
  • In-person consultations (home, doctors office, hospital, emergency room, urgent care, senior living facilities, etc.)
  • Virtual/video or phone consultations
  • Assistance with determining realistic health goals
  • Health literacy and learning needs assessment
  • Healthcare education from credible and reliable sources
  • End of term status evaluation, goal review, and identification of future healthcare needs

Investment: An initial retainer will be collected upfront with the amount based on client needs and the complexity of care. Professional hourly rates will be deducted from the retainer on a bi-weekly basis. Once the retainer is depleted, the retainer must be replenished for the continuation of services. Package pricing may be available.

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Speak with an advocate to learn more and get your questions answered.

***Private advocacy services are currently not covered by any insurance.***

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