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Focus your energy on healing, recovery, and quality of life

- we'll take care of the rest.

Bridging the gaps in our fragmented healthcare system.

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The rapid pace, lack of transparency, pitfalls in communication, and fragmentation of our healthcare system leaves a lot of room for miscommunication, uncertainty, and error. That's why at Vital Link, our healthcare advocates take the time, organize the data, facilitate the communication, explore the options, provide the education, and connection to resources and referrals. 

We believe you should be able to find answers, voice your questions and concerns, and know your full range of options.

We believe that no patient or caregiver should ever feel overwhelmed, scared, uncertain, fearful, guilty, doubtful, exhausted, or alone.

We Believe That No Patient Should Suffer From Misdiagnosis Or Preventable Error. 


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Understand What Is Happening

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Make Informed Decisions

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Learn To Speak Up And Ask Questions

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Improve Safety And Reduce Risk of Error

We hope you will consider our services and schedule a free consultation to find out how Vital Link Healthcare Advocates can help you or a loved one today. 

Client Services

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Peace Of Mind Profile™

Prepare for the unexpected and establish a working relationship with your advocate before a crisis occurs. Proactive preparation enables your advocate and your providers to have access to crucial health information should a health concern or medical emergency arise. This package is a great option for a generally healthy individual at any stage in life, but particularly helpful for senior adults or college students living a long-distance from family.

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Smart Start Assessment™

This in-depth initial assessment is intended for someone who might be in the process of trying to get answers to an undiagnosed health concern or recently diagnosed with a complex, serious, or life-threatening illness. It is also helpful for those who are managing one or more chronic conditions, seeing multiple specialists, or taking numerous medications.

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Empowered Patient Program™

This package is for those who have completed the Smart Start Initial Assessment program and desire ongoing independent healthcare advocacy services. It involves the implementation of a personalized action plan, and is ideal for those patients or caregivers who may be having a tough time finding solutions to their health concerns, or feel overwhelmed trying to obtain or coordinate care.


Meet with a patient advocate to get your questions answered.

***Private advocacy services are currently not covered by any insurance.***

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